Saturday, April 5, 2008

Suicide Commandos

The Suicide Commandos have been hailed as the first punk band from Minneapolis if not the entire Midwest. Though they started back in 1974, they did not release their first 7'', Emission Control, until 1976. The very next year they released the Match/Mismatch 7'' (P.S. Records 1977). Though the title track would later be included on the first full length, I much prefer the 7'' version. The b-side is not as much of a stand out, but it's not horrible. Make A Record would come out in 1978 and also hold the track Mosquito Crucifixion. Hands down one of my favorite punk songs from the late seventies. You can grab the whole record here. Classic material from one of the earliest punk bands. Don't miss this!

(I don't usually do all the scans, but I like their logo on the record)

Match/Mismatch 7''

Mark He's A Terror


Punk Rock Daddy said...

Whoa! A million thanks for this one man! Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

The single seems longer/slower than the album version, or is it just me? Killer post nevertheless.

JohnThePunk said...

Killer! I had that 7" in high school. Sadly in the 80's all my 7"s got stolen. Never thought I'd hear this one again. Thanx!

Anonymous said...

Minnesota punk Pioneers. Still doing random shows every few years.

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