Thursday, April 10, 2008

Anti-Nowhere League

In honor of the Anti-Nowhere League playing here in L.A. tonight, I thought I post a couple of their seven inches. Forming in 1980, the Anti-Nowhere League was part of the second wave of punk in the U.K. They've released a shit load of material and are obviously still going strong today. Here we got two of their records from 1982, both on WXYZ records. First we got Woman with the b-side Rocker. Now for some stupid reason that kept pissing me off, my scanner turned the orange from the cover into a hot pink. This seven inch has great cover art, but it looks better in orange. Sorry! Next we got perhaps my favorite Anti song ever, For You. Even the b-side, Ballad for JJ Decay, is a great song too! Most of you probably have these songs already, but if you don't grab them here. And if you're in L.A. tonight, go see them at Safari Sam's on Sunset! It's been about five or six years since they've been out here so you might not get another chance! You won't be sorry! (They're also playing The Vault in Long Beach April 13. Be there!)

Woman 7''


For You 7''

For You
Ballad Of JJ Decay
Get Both


Anonymous said...

You know, their new stuff is really pretty damned good too, I'd say go check them out if you have a chance. I hope they're coming out to the east coast at some point.

kiwipunka said...

totally agree on For You being so damn good.