Tuesday, April 15, 2008


On with the 70's again! Eater was a band that originated in London 1976. The average age of each member was only 16.They headlined their first gig in Manchester with the Buzzcocks supporting! Within three short years they released five seven inches and one album. Here we got live Get Your Yo Yo's Out E.P. (1978, The Label). I don't think my scanner is very good at picking up neon colors. The cover is neon orange but it came out red! I believe this E.P. was released in a variety of colors. It feature's two tracks unreleased on neither the album or any of the other seven inches. All four songs are great, but my favorite is the first track, Debutantes Ball. Great stuff! More 70's coming up!

Get Your Yo Yo's Out E.P.

Debutantes Ball
No More
Thinking Of The U.S.A.
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