Monday, September 22, 2008


I had never heard of Beaver prior to listening to the Bouncing Babies compilation. The same can be said about Reptile House, The Last Minute, Braille Party, & Dove. Reptile House was of course my first post, so you can find all their material here. The others will pop up in future posts. Now as for Beaver, they released their self titled seven inch in 1981 on Choice Cut Records. Nothing outstanding or fantastic. More for your hardcore D.C. fanatic like myself. "Punch Him In The Head" is the strongest track here, although the comp. version is still better. To my knowledge they consisted of Government Issue minus John Stabb. (I could be wrong here, fill me in.) Like em' or not, they're still D.C. history. Enjoy!

Beaver 7''

Georgetown Sucks
Video Disease
Punch Him In The Head
Limited Nuclear War
Life Is A Joke
No Messages
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Earthdog70 said...

Tom Lyle was the only member of GI in this band, you may be thinking of the single they did after GI called it quits-Rollkicker Lawydown.