Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bouncing Babies

Fountain of Youth released the Bouncing Babies compilation in 1984. It featured bands from both the D.C. & Baltimore areas. A very wide variety of sound which really captures the scene as a whole.Punk, hardcore, psych, ska, & everything in between. My top pick has to be Reptile House. Talons & Claws is their best song next Sleekstak Weather off their e.p. Take a listen to them all and decide your favorite. Enjoy!

Bouncing Babies
Side One
Dove - Ambivalence
features Eric L. of Double O & Red C
Crippled Pilgrims - Black & White
weird. get their debut here
Body Count - Bull In A China Shop
decent ska
Lucky Pierre - Looking Back
Underground Soldier - Sunday Slaughter
Artificial Peace - Frustration
get their debut split with Exiled here
Exiled - Guilt Trip
vocalist Derrick Hsu started Fountain of Youth records
Scream - Ultra Violence/Screaming
Glee Club - Disguise (A Lie)
No Trend comes to mind. perhaps End Result?
Side Two
Black Market Baby - Suzie Dear
Reptile House - Talons & Claws
features Daniel Higgs of Lungfish
9353 - Ten Witches
even weirder than Crippled Pilgrims
The Last Minute - Infinite Regression
aka United Mutation. amazing, huh?
Beaver - Punch Him In The Head
pre-Government Issue
Assault & Battery - Evidence
pre-Artificial Peace
Braille Party - Terrorist
Void - Get Out Of My Way
Government Issue - Dead Dog
Death Camp 2000 - Unknown
secret song, info here. features members of Crippled Pilgrims
Get It


HarDCore Fan said...

Tremendous post! I've been trying to collect the songs from this compilation that have been posted individually around the 'net, so thanks a ton for putting this slice of DC/Maryland music history here. Your blog is great and much appreciated. Thanks!

toxik boys said...

great blog man!, thanks for all the music! Congratulations.

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Cheers from Chile!

ANOK said...

My profound thanks for your kind words about Talons & Claws by Reptile House. I played Bass and co-wrote that song along with Joe, Dan & London many years ago, and never thought anyone would still be listening to this 26 years later! Hell...I have not heard this song in 26 years, so this is a real treat for me! To tell you the truth I've never even heard the whole album before, because the cheap assed bastard that released this LP wouldn't even give me a contribuitor copy!!!.....So Download & Post at Will Everyone!
-Dave Rhodes

Anonymous said...

I wish the great band Body Count would have recorded and released more.I saw them on several occasions and was blown away.Although the song Bull In A China Shop is is well-crafted I think they should have considered some of their other stuff to be their representative on their comp.They could be very heavy hardcore too.Strange and wonderful unheralded comp.