Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Media Disease

Here's another early D.C. band by the name of Media Disease. Their only official release were several tracks of the Mixed Nuts Don't Crack compilation which you can pick up over at Maikoholic. Back in 1990, Lost and Found put out their Hit & Run 2x7''. It has an entire session recorded at Hit & Run Studios 6/12/82. The tracks from the comp. are included seeing as they were taken from this very same session. A while back I read somewhere that members of Media Disease would go on to form Malefice. Not sure if this is true or not, but maybe someone can confirm? By the way, here's to my 50th post! It's about damn time. I'm way too slow with this shit. But then again, I do have a life. Enjoy!

Hit & Run 2x7''
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Lightning Baltimore said...

Your post is pretty old, so you probably know already, but guitarist John Cobbett went on from Media Disease to Malefice. These days, he plays guitar with Ludicra, among others.