Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Back in 1992 Lost & Found Records released a CD from Dove titled Wrecking Ball. I don't know exactly when these tracks were recorded, but I would imagine it was around the same time the Bouncing Babies track was recorded. As I mentioned before, the band features the singer for both Red C & Double O, Eric Lagdameo. Also featured is Peter Moffett, who had a brief stint with Government Issue in 1987-88. Vigilante is the best track here hands down. A little metal, but still a thrasher! The rest of the album is hit & miss. Mostly miss. Enjoy!

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball
In A Circle
Dreaming Man
Tomas O Bedlam
Just A Dream
Waiting For You
Who's That Face?
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Earthdog70 said...

Any Moffett is good Moffett-do you have any live sets of him with Wool?

Paul said...

download is not working... can we get a re-up!

ograwker said...

Link is back up Paul!

Paul said...

yes! thanks! Keep the rare DC tunes comin!

Anonymous said...

i have to disagree, though it's a matter of taste. Dove album is great in my opinion, especially songs like "wrecking ball" (another version of that song is on the "DC rox" comp) and "hopes". i think that when they speed up it's their weakest moment, although it's good as well. anyhoo, Dove sounds like some band fresh out of some cheesy mid-80's movie and i mean it in the best possible way. maybe you dislike it cause you lived through those times, unlike me (being from Europe and all).
that being said, i think it's great you posted it and maybe turn some people on to this band.

sexy said...


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