Thursday, September 11, 2008

Malefice II

Soon after their Overboard 7'', Malefice went back to Inner Ear to record what would be their first full length. There were two sessions between late '84 early '85. Nothing ever got released until sometime around 1990 when Lost And Found released the Lotus Blossom LP. Their original drummer, Davis White, was only with them to record Sea Level. United Mutation drummer Billy Fox stepped in to record both Acid Death & Bloody Insane while John Richman recorded the remainder of the album. I think the two with Billy Fox are the best, but that's just me. Enjoy!

Lotus Blossom
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Aesop said...

I'm currently in a aband with their guitarist John Cobbett.

ograwker said...

Yes, Ludicra is the name right? I'll have to check you guys out next time I'm up in San Francisco. Let me know if you ever come down to L.A. I presume John is still guitars. What do you contribute?

Aesop said...

Yes, John plays guitar, I play drums. We've been to L.A. a few times and will probably come back in Summer of 09. We have some records out and they can be downloaded here:

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed this and the Media Disease. Thank you very much ograwker! Archibald