Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The Feederz were a great band from Arizona. They were known for wild stage antics such as Frank Discussion playing with live crickets glued to his head and throwing dead animals at the audience.The Feederz were a one of a kind band, not only in their stage performance, but in their music as well. They made their debut in 1980 with the Jesus 7". In 1984 they unleashed the Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss? LP to the world. If you've never heard this album, you're missing out on one of the greatest punk albums EVER! Seriously. Get it here. Their second album Teachers In Space (Flaming Banker, 1986) is no let down either. With lyrics like "if God is love and Christ is the answer, I'll just grab the Virgin Mary, run off and pants her" you know this album's got to be good! I think if you listen Psychward and Cancer Ward long enough, you'll eventually go insane. This album's got it all, so get it here! By the way, don't be afraid to follow directions in the Outro. You can find a whole lotta other cool shit at their site here.

(Pictures above are from the lyrics insert)

Teachers In Space

Lobster Quadrille
New Crime
Crawl Space
Intermission (Time for a snack!)
Taking The Night
50 Years
You're So Stupid
Lost Patrol
Cancer Ward
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Thanks! A very crucial record indeed!

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found this on flaming banker in goodwill in berkeley for 99 cents.