Monday, February 11, 2008

Toxic Reasons/Zero Boys

What's to say about these two great Midwest bands? If you haven't heard either, get with the times! Toxic Reasons was formed in Dayton, Ohio & the Zero Boys in Indianapolis, Indiana; both in 1979. Here we got a split of theirs released on Selfless Records. Above picture has more info on the recordings found here. Grab some more Toxic Reasons here, here, & here. Get some more Zero Boys here & here. Not gonna say too much more! Enjoy!

Toxic Reasons/Zero Boys 7"

Toxic Reasons - No Pity
Toxic Reasons - White Noise
Zero Boys - Black Network News
Zero Boys - Blood's Good


Convertido said...

A great little single, in my humble opinion. My friend and I were really pleased when we got to put this one out...but the artwork was not our doing. We both were rather non-plussed, but it was what Bruce wanted. Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say 'ello, and wondered if you ever heard the last two ZERO Boys Albums? How are they??? Saw them up not to long ago...I got the early stuff
"stoned...and tape comp., S/T; and some singles...this'll be great>By the way, whats with the silver hair anyways-ha>>Rg