Thursday, February 21, 2008

United Mutation

Early 1980's D.C. The majority of the bands it produced were straight edge hardcore. There were other bands that were doing their own thing, like the almighty Void, maybe Double-O, No Trend, and the fore-mentioned Malefice. But then there was United Mutation. These guys brought a whole new sound to hardcore. Starting in in 1981, their history of members is very long and confusing. To attempt to read about it, go here. Their first E.P. (released in 1983) was a Dischord split. If you haven't heard it, get it here. Later that year they recorded another demo which got them a track on the Bouncing Babies comp. Although they are under a different name(The Last Minute), I believe Mike Brown is still on vocals at this point. (Fill me in if I'm wrong!) The next year they went back to Inner Ear Studios to record the Rainbow Person E.P. "Infinite Regression" is on both the comp. and the second E.P. Both are different, but both are still great. Although the comp. track lacks the vicious vocals, the guitar is clean, crisp, and clear. Perhaps their best work ever, "Sensation Fix" was released on the Alive & Kicking 7" in 1985. This is pure psychedelic rock punk that's even got a saxophone as if it weren't already trippy enough. Enjoy!

Bouncing Babies

Infinite Regression

Rainbow Person E.P.

Infinite Regression
Fat Louie
Take Your Pick

Alive & Kicking 7"

Sensation Fix


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is great for cruisin' down the road in the astro-van. I put this on and the kids stopped makin so much noise! Thanks for the peace and quiet...Rg

Oh yeah, Youth on a mission, youth in submission!!! I have some friend who has the necessary equipment and he's gonna help me hook it up within a week or so..ok

Anonymous said...

one more thing...I dunno if you take requests, but do you happen to have the detonators first lp???

Just kiddin bout the astro-van...Rg

greatmazinga said...

The Fugitive Family 7" is one of my fav ep along with Die Kreuzen - Cows and Beer. United Mutation also have some great, raw tracks on the Mixed Nuts Don't Crack comp, particularly "DC Screws the World" is a rager.

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