Monday, February 18, 2008

Volcano Suns

Just after Mission of Burma disbanded in 1983, drummer Peter Prescott formed the Volcano Suns. They released their debut, The Bright Orange Years, in 1985. Grab it here. Two years later they released Bumper Crop. This was their third and final release on Homestead. Great album which also features Roger Miller on piano. They had a lot of different members come and go, but I think these two albums had their best line-ups. Great band great sound!

Bumper Crop

Magic Sky
The Central
Local Wise Man
Time Off
Bumper Crop
Curse Of The Name
Peal Out
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Anonymous said...

thanx for this, anyone can upload the sleepers retrsopective cd Less Than Object?

jay said...

Really appreciate this-saw them about 1990 or so- a tremendous band ! Had this on cassette..

call a florist said...

In case anyone was unaware, the first two albums "The Bright Orange Years" and "All Night Lotus Party" are being rereleased by Merge Records early next year. Each CD will be issued separately with 10 bonus tracks. Remastering by Bob Weston.

Bumper Crop isn't one of my favorites but it has a few great songs like Peal Out, Local Wise Man, Curse Of The Name (which strangely sounds a bit like X), and the title track. The recording is terrible...probably the worst sounding Suns record. Everything is compressed to hell. Most Suns records had weird production values though. Even the one recorded by Steve Albini sounds weird.