Thursday, January 31, 2008


Malefice was a great metal punk band from D.C. In 1984 they made their debut with the Overbord E.P. (D.S.I. #3). Three great thrashing shredders. Definitley one of the most overlooked bands to ever come out of D.C. The front and back covers of the first press have some very nice artwork, which was hand colored by the band members. I believe the second press has the back picture facing the opposite direction plus a track listing. They re-record all three songs for the Lotus Blossom LP. (Which I'll post eventually) Though these versions are good, I don't think they are up too par with the ones on the 7".

Lost Sheep


Aesop said...

Very cool, I'm in a band with the guitarist of Malefice.

ograwker said...

Very very nice! You guys got any material available for a listen?

Aesop said...

couple of records out through Alternative Tentacles

check it out.

dangerclose said...

I have this on vinyl...haven't heard it in a decade...forgot how great it is thanks for posting!!

Jim said...


This is Jim Richman, original drummer for Malefice. The Overboard EP was recorded after Lotus Blossum(although LB was released in the 90's).

Lotus Blossum was the first 7 songs Malefice recorded, plus 2 songs recorded after I left the band. We recorded the first session in Don Zientara's basement on an 8 track Reel to Reel.
I have some promo pictures of the band that no one has seen.

I had some great times working on the songs, rehearsing etc...

James said...


Frank FOE said...

One of the greatest live bands. Seeing them in Philly was a highlight of my youth. I believe COC was also on the bill.