Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Born Without A Face

Their name, cover, & sound; just one huge pile of murderous filth. I love it! Out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, they were one of the lesser known bands to come from the state of The Fix, Negative Approach, Necros, & Violent Apathy. The Unbecoming E.P. was their first official release breaking out in 1986. They had two demo tapes prior to this E.P., Freakshow & Psyche I believe. You can find Freakshow at Lo-Res Viscera, still trying to track down the other one.

After the E.P. they had two tracks off the There's A Method To Our Madness comp. & another E.P. titled Worship. Not much from this great band, but whatever you get a hold of, snag it! It's all great! Enjoy!

The Unbecoming E.P.

Black Narcissus
The Next Big Thing
Stubborn Beast Flesh
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isksp said...

you got some great things here...

add you into my favorites...


Anonymous said...

I found this blog last night and i couldn't go to bed until i read everything! Great stuff! If i send you an SASE do you think you could make a copy of this Born Without A FAce insert for me? Thanks either way,
tony _ party @ yahoo . com

Honquijote said...

Excellent shit - thanks for sharing...!