Monday, November 24, 2008

The Crucified

Here's an amazing band out of Fresno,California. I'm not gonna attempt to call them christian punk as their first song on this release clearly states why. The Crucified started around 1984, played shows throughout California, & ended up disbanding sometime in 1993. This was their seconds cassette release titled Nailed. It was recorded in 1986, but didn't get released til the following year. 7 songs, 7 thrashers, none over two minutes. Just the way I like it.

Sure they had certain beliefs & different views, but the music rocks! Isn't that all that matters? If you all like this one, let me know and I'll post their first release Take Up Your Cross. More diverse, but just as good. Enjoy!


I'm Not A Christian Punk
Death To Death
Your Image
God In A Cage
Crucified With Christ
Give It Up
Get It


toxik boys said...

fucking treasure!
thanks for share it

Chris said...

WOW... I found these guys on a "Christian Metal" sampler cd back in middle school and wore the crap out of it. Got their self-titled album and Pillars of Humanity, but never managed to find this despite hearing it was repackaged with "Take Up Your Cross." Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow, not bad for being Christians! if the church I had to attend as a kid had this kind of music, I might have turned out a little differently.

Chris said...

Interesting you post this as I recently posted "Pillars of Humanity" and "The Crucified" on my blog. Always wanted to hear this.