Thursday, November 20, 2008

Plasma Alliance

Here's a radically political band out of Ohio. Plasma Alliance released their We Can't Wait E.P. on Michigan's Depression Records in 1985. A blazing 11 tracks in under 15 minutes. Great cover too. The record came with like 50 inserts.(Ok maybe only 8, but that's still a lot!) Some with little drawings & some with political agendas & what not. I uploaded a few of them for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

We Can't Wait E.P.

Fernault Must Halt
Move Comes To Shove
United We Stand
5 Years Later/America
Please Peace
Peace & Freedom
We Can't Wait
Get It
Note: All April posts re-upped !


Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the comment. I already linked you on my other blog but did on System//Sabotage//Chaos as well.
Nice 7" of Plasma Alliance as well. Same label as Boom & The Legion Of Doom and Premature Babies. I only have the Toxic Attitude 7".

beeden said...

See on one of the inserts the comment Free Leonard Peltier, and this album is from 1985, he is still in prison, today 2010, 25 years later and still in prison. And they talk about justice.........