Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No Trend II

Much to my dismay, I had no idea I had requests for the live No Trend show when I posted their Inner Ear Session way back when. So now that I figured out how to get updated on new comments, here you go! Recorded in 1983 at The Marble Bar in Baltimore, MD. This set features 5 songs that are not found on neither the inner ear session or any of their other records. Good stuff. Enjoy!

Note: If you've never heard Karma Nights off their second album, then please for god's sake get it here! Perhaps their best recorded song. Ridiculously awesome! KARMA! KARMA NIGHTS! Makes me wanna do the jitterbug.

Live At The Marble Bar 1983

Turn Away
Blow Dry
Polyester Man
Kiss Ass
Teen Love
Mass Sterilization
Hanging Out In Georgetown
Get It


Marko-V said...

Hey thanks! I used to request live No Trend some time ago. Cheers a lot.

Anonymous said...

Can you post this again? It's gone...