Saturday, November 15, 2008

Re Post: Bhopal Stiffs

I met this guy last night at the Face To Face show at HOB in Anaheim that complimented me on my Naked Raygun shirt. Started talking about another Chicago band, Pegboy, to which I had asked him if he had heard Vince & Steve's first band, Bhopal Stiffs. To my surprise he hadn't. I told him about this site of mine where he could find all their music plus many other great Chicago bands. Not too sure if he would remember the site name seeing as he was pretty drunk. So if you did and you found it, this one's for you, & if you didn't then this one's for everyone else who's been wanting this since the link went dead. If you want more info on the band check out my original post here. Enjoy!

P.S. Fuck the House Of Blues! Racist Bastards! Got kicked out of last weeks F2F show cause some 6'5 white guy started shit with me & my girl. I'm only 5'8 and they kick me out saying I fronted him. Fat ass white security guard threw me out and said "Get out of here you fucking mexican!" I replied, "I bet you voted for McCain, didn't you?" Security: "You goddamn right I did!" I just laughed & said, "Guess what? Colors win bitch!" Don't you just love the racist world we live in?

Bhopal Stiffs 7''

Not Just My Head
One Track Head


Bottle It Up
Road To Bhopal
I Came For You
I Can Do It
Too Many Things
Get Both
Note: All links from May-July back up! Double O back up for you Earthdog!


jeffen said...

I already said my piece on the last Bhopal post but I'll add that I cannot believe that fucking story actually happened so recently - I'm glad you got that parting shot in but that that level of ignorance still survives is pretty damn depressing.

P.S. Added you to my blogroll at:

Anonymous said...

eh, don't worry about those assholes. I love your blog and have been visiting it for a damn long time. I run a college radio station featuring old school punk and blogs such as yours are a big help. People like you are what keep real punk alive

ograwker said...

Thanks for the comments guys! It's nice to know someone else cares about this shitty music!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pal, I'm from Germany and I do very much care and love this shit you and other s keep up and on posting!!! So fuck all of them racist wankers!!!
biggupp from my side to you personally, since I also never heard the Bhopals before, but do very dearly love Pegboy and the Naked Ray Gunners since I was 16!!! (Am 36 now)