Thursday, November 6, 2008

Really Red

I'm not too sure exactly what it was about Texas that inspired so many pissed off kids to make so much great music. From bands like The Next, Hates, Huns, & Legionaire's Disease Band to The Dicks, Big Boys, Offenders, MDC, & of course, Really Red. All their records were released on their own CIA records, starting with the Crowd Control 7'' in 1979. The next year came the Modern Needs 7''. 1981 saw the release of both the Despise Moral Majority E.P. & the magnificently untouchable Teaching You The Fear LP. With 1982 came perhaps their best 7'', the New Strings For Old Puppets E.P.

As their final output, the Rest In Pain LP came out in 1985. Released a year after they had already disbanded, this album may not be as great as their last two releases, but it still harvested some great songs. Youth Culture For Sale is still one of my favorite tracks along with Nobody Rules, Personal Hell, & Balance of Terror. On second thought, this album is just as great as their two previous. The only tracks that bring the album down are the agonizing Star Mangled Banner & the unbelivably excruciating Just The Facts, Ma'am. So there you have it, legitimate rips of every record from one the greatest Texan bands ever. (except for Teaching You The Fear which comes from a remastered CD. What are you gonna do?) Enjoy!

Rest In Pain

Youth Culture For Sale
Balance Of Terror
Personal Hell
Let The Night Roar (With Us)
Hang 'Em High
Star Mangled Banner (Live)
Nobody Rules
War Sucks
Just The Facts, Ma'am
Get It


Aesop said...

Thanks for this. I am familiar with their contributions to some great comps but never heard this album.

convertido said...

I can say with some authority, that if you lived in Texas you would not have to ask why people were so pissed. Let's just say Texas breeds anger in those that some how just don't fit; it also breeds an exceptionally strong strain of perpetual fuckup. I think that the combination of the two explains why Texas had among the best bands and more vibrants communities in the eighties. It could also be that the unofficial state motto is "Fuck You, I'm from Texas"

Viagra Canada said...

These are great songs, I didn't know anything about it but when I got the songs I realized it was something perfect, I'd like to get more music like that because I'm sick to hearing all the the same music.

ivan500 said...

I know it's been a while since you posted this but there is any chance of a re-up? I have the Really Red compilation CD wich lacks two songs from this album: "Star Mangled Banner" and "Just the Facts Ma'am". Anyway great blog!

ograwker said...

It's been awhile since I've posted anything really. Don't blame them for leaving those 2 off the CD version. Just a bunch of noise really. Re-upped for you anyways. Anything else dead let me know and I'll get it back up. Enjoy.

Brian Maull said...

Any chance for another reup of this one?

Anonymous said...

Reup pls...