Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Minor Threat/Youth Brigade

Here's a nice Austrian comp. that's got both Minor Threat's & Youth Brigade's first demos. Never been that big of a Minor Threat fan, so I've always loved the Youth Brigade side. Especially since it has four unreleased tracks not found on their sole E.P. The tracks here are much more raw then the ones found on their seven inch. Get this if not only for the thirty three seconds of pure manic bliss that is I Object. Great stuff. Enjoy!

(#2 on the Minor Threat side says it's Filler, but it's really Stand Up.)

Minor Threat/ Youth Brigade Demos

Minor Threat

Minor Threat
Stand Up
I'm Seein' Red
I Don't Wanna Hear It
Small Man Big Mouth
Straight Edge
Guilty Of Being White
In My Eyes

Youth Brigade

I Object
Full Speed Ahead
Last Word
Waste Of Time
Youth Brigade
Snow Job
Moral Majority
Get It

Note: Links for August-October of this year are back up. The rest will be coming soon.

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