Friday, January 18, 2008


Crashdog was formed in 1990. They released four albums with singer Spike Nard. Upon his departure, gutarist Andrew Mandell switched to vocals. Their lyrics were always quite intelligent, filled with politics, history, & past experience. Though they were considered a "christian punk" band, I've just always thought of it as some really damn good music. The band would record two more albums with Andrew on vocals before it's end. Cashists, Fascist, and other Fungus (Grrr Records) was released in 1995. There's a lot of great songs here. Perhaps their best song, Same Old Pain is a haunting but powerful history lesson. There's even a cover of Eve of Destruction, an old 60's protest song. The whole album is great. Don't let the "christian" ideals scare you away. If anybody likes this one, let me know and I'll post the other one which was produced by the almighty Steve Albini.


Cashist, Fascist, And Other Fungus

My God
Family Tree
George's Poem
Same Old Pain
The Tale Of Two Parties
Sept. 1994
Eve Of Destruction
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Anonymous said...

Alright then!! You're right pretty coll man...I saw these guys with the band BLAH, with ex-members of CHILDHOOD. You know what other band crossed genres' (being christian and all) The Crucified, which started out pretty punk, the turned more crossover, lot of great bands back then, at the beginning on Tooth and Nail (Label with more crazy bands) thing-more cool sounds.Sad some music just gets brushed aside cos' ya know...Rg

ograwker said...

Alright Rg! You know your stuff. These guys are probablly one of my top 10 bands. The Crucified was great too! I'll be posting Take up Your Cross & Nailed some time in the future. Got a lot of other great and forgotten "christian" bands coming up!

Anonymous said...

Since ya mentioned it>>>What about "The Blamed" (which had a mbr of Crucified), or a band called "Fluffy" their first effort was cool then they got fluffy for real. One last band is Rocket the Blaster Boy's -Succulent Food for Teething Vampires do ya have any of those...I have the last one but the tapes for the others I mentioned are dead..Rg

Chris said...

Any chance of Pillars of Humanity?
I only have it on cassette and it's still great.
I was considering posting a Crucified album on my blog.

wedge said...

YEAH!!! ive got a cassette version of "Humane Society" that an old Christian boss gave to me years ago. he went to his local "bible" shop & told the guy there to give hima anything that nobody likes(he used to "party" & LOVES his hard rock still, but was/still is into Christianity, but HATES gospel music). got that tape; HATED it, & gave it to me cos "you like all that freaky f'in weird stuff".. LOVE that album. always wanted ti hear more, but could never find it... THANKS!!

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It is a cool band, I like them because of the music, not their Christian side.

4rx said...

I want to get this album because I like this musical genre specially because it's punk, I get so excited with this kind of music.