Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rifle Sport

Here's another great Midwest gem. Rifle Sport was part of the third wave of "punk" coming out of St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota. I say quote unquote punk because like many other bands from the same scene, (Man Sized Action, Ground Zero, etc.) they took what they grew up on and made it their own. They weren't no copycats. They created something new, something unclassified. That's much more than any present day band can say. In 1983 they released their debut album Voice of Reason (Reflex E). With an almost nervous yet steady guitar, great bass hooks, and a bewildered voice, these guys belted out some great tunes. Just about every song here is hit, no misses to be found. So if you guys liked that Man Sized Action record, you'll love this one too. Last Days of Man on Earth posted their Live at the Entry, Dead at the Exit album awhile back. More Rifle Sport to go around! Check it out!

Voice of Reason

Words of Reason
Angel Tears
Run & Hide
Danger Streets
Good News Week
Mind Over Matter
Hollow Men
Keep On Walkin'
Correctional Facility
No Money
Eva Evita


Jeff Russell said...

Great site! Thanks for all the great stuff. Any chance of re upping - Rifle Sport - Voice Of Reason?

Anonymous said...

By chance any breaking circus??

Anonymous said...

Linked up over at MNPunk.com

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