Friday, January 4, 2008

Rat Pack

Don't got too much info on these guys other than they were part of the Nardcore scene in Oxnard, California. They consisted of frontman Matt Ratt and members of RKL and Stalag 13. In 1985 they released this self-titled 7'' EP (Mystic). If you like this one let me know and I'll post their second 7".

Rat Pack E.P.

Fooled Again
Lost In Death
After Midnight
Hometown Hero
Protect The Rich
Get It


Anonymous said...

This is so great me and my friends collected all this stuff and most of us lost it along the way. Remember EUGENES Bar and Grill? Thats the place we would frequent in Santa Fe Springs CA? Anyways thanks and do ya have the second one?RG

Anonymous said...

I was just getting set to post this over on 7 Inch, great choice. I would enjoy the other 7" as well. THANX

flatblackcapo said...

hey thanks for this and yes please post the 2nd one

iunex said...

This is totally killer shit...thanks!