Wednesday, January 23, 2008

False Prophets

False Prophets formed in New York City 1980. Except for maybe Kraut & Reagan Youth, they were one of few punk rock bands amongst a herd of hardcore acts coming out of New York at the time. 1981 saw the release of their Blind Obedience 7" on their own Worn Out Brothers Records. 3 great tracks in the vein of '77 punk. Overkill reminds me a lot of the Detours, but that just my opinion. Decide for yourself! They would go on to release one more 7" the next year and a few albums. On the first full-length they re-do Blind Obedience & Overkill which I can't even say are better than the ones here. Both versions are so damn good! If you guys like this one, I'll get around to posting that first full-length.

Blind Obedience 7"

Royal Slime
Blind Obedience

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Anonymous said...

want the first lp, please