Saturday, January 12, 2008

Willful Neglect

Another one of those highly underrated and totally unique bands, Willful Neglect formed in St. Paul, Minnesota 1981. Their classic self titled LP was released in 1982. They had created a unique style of hardcore all their own. Who else was belting out tunes like Abort The Mission in 1982?

Good Bad Music has it here.

Later on that same year, they recorded five live tracks for the Kitten Compilation. 1983 saw the release of their second record Justice For No One. The next year they recorded songs for a third record, but unfortunately it was never released. Six songs were taken from this recording and released on the 1982-1984 CD. A bit of a different sound but still as incredible as their earlier material. The most amazing track here is the first, Psychodelic Systomatic. The title describes it all. Listen and find out yourself!

Kitten Compilation

Bobbin' On Wally
Abort The Mission
Outta My Mind
Good Clean Fun

Big Enough To Get It

Psychodelic Systomatic
White Jacket Rabbit
Social Snuggie
Sorry Confusers
Set Back
Get Both


Borneojimy said...

I've always loved this band since the day I discovered their first record in a used bin back in 1983 or so. Shame that they aren't remembered as one of the best thrash hardcore bands of their time, because they were! Thanks for this & everything else you've been posting lately, this blog is awesome!

Anonymous said...

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