Sunday, January 6, 2008


The Detours started in 1977 with a lunchtime show at Fullerton high school. In 1979 they recorded three songs in a San Diego studio. Unfortunately only one of these songs was ever released. Hang 10 In East Berlin was released on the Up Another Octave Transmission O.C. Compilation. In 1980 Rikk Agnew & Casey Royer left to start the Adolescents. That same year they recorded the Amoeba 7" on Posh Boy records. In 2006 the Detours reformed and played their first reunion show at the Tropics Lounge in Fullerton. They played a few more shows including The Mort & T.S.O.L.'s farewell show. In early 2007, Rikk Agnew left to reform Christian Death. They're still playing shows but with Frank Agnew Jr. on guitar. Find out where and when here.

Amoeba 7"


Live At The Tropics Lounge

No Losers
Get Both


danny g said...

just wanted to post a comment saying this is a welcome addition to the blogworld!

I saw the detours once in 1981 - all I can remember is Rikk Agnew wore a dress!

Anonymous said...

finally you put something good on..

Anonymous said...

Great Orange County Bands-All oweing at one point or another the guitarmanship of Rikk Agnew, Anybody remember The Naughty Women? I saw the Adolescents back at Old World, and except for the Nazi's (in HB) that show with DI, White Kapps, and some others i cant recall went OFF. They only played three songs Kids of the Black Hole, Rip it Up, and Word Attack...I think they shut the show down because of the two-hundred pluss snakepit of happy slammies...Rg

xkraggle said...

Thanks for the kind words, nice shit you got here too..