Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rat Pack II

Due to numerous requests, we're back with some more Rat Pack! In 1989 they released the Ice Cream, Acid, & Cigarettes 7". Personally, I like this one a little more than their first. Though most of the songs are a bit slower, Matt Ratt's vocals sound even more wicked with just the right amount of re verb. Kids On The Edge is the stand out here. One of their best. I believe all they put out were the two 7" 's and tracks off the Nardcore Comp. & Mystic Sampler #2. Good Stuff!
I wanna thank everyone whose visited the site and those of you who've left comments. It's nice to know there's others that appreciate this music as much as I have. Keep the comments coming!

Ice Cream, Acid, & Cigarettes 7"

Do Me
Ice Cream, Acid, & Cigarettes
When You Say Goodby
Kids On The Edge
Get It


Anonymous said...

HE HE, YA Right Man! Numerous Requests-I don't know how many are out there who know the Mystic Way. This sound is so great and unduplicable (sic). I mean bands like Scared Straight's first, Stalag 13, Don't Know (better w/Kyle), Dr. Know,and so many others. My friends and I would fiendishly wait for the next release-than lie where we found it(my favorite one was to say it came from a store in England "special" ha...Rg

Anonymous said...

thanks for the hardcore
good record

Punk Rock Daddy said...

Great 'place' you got here man! Sorry I wasn't able to reply quickly since I'm a new dad again and all. I've been busy lately with all that Chicago stuff goin' around. I like Nardcore, period. I like the Bhopal and the Naked Raygun posts! Btw, I've added you to my link. Keep it up!!!