Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Urinals/100 Flowers/Chairs of Perception

Joe over at Last Days of Man on Earth did a post a couple weeks ago on a band called Chairs of Perception. As he mentioned in his post, Chairs of Perception are formerly 100 Flowers, and even more so, formerly the Urinals. Now if you've never heard any of these bands, you're missing out on the best L.A. band still performing to this day. Can't give a better biography than the one found here

Get the first Urinals E.P. here

Get the first 100 Flowers LP here

First we got a bootleg on Squiddley Records. (Not sure if there's any relation to Happy Squid, the Urinals own label) A-Side consists of two songs from the Urinals second 7", the third 7", and their track off the Happy Squid Sampler. B-Side has three live songs from a show at the Hong Kong Cafe in 1980. Second we got 100 Flowers first 7" E.P., Presence of Mind. Enjoy!

Urinals Two

I'm A Bug
Ack Ack Ack
Go Away Girl
You're Gonna Miss Me (Live)
Jetsons Theme (Live)
Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Live)

Presence Of Mind E.P.

Presence of Mind
Mop Dub
Get Both
Hear more Chairs of Perception songs & get show dates here

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